Beginners Guide- how to start blogging in 2022

Do you want to learn how to start a blog in 2022? from scratch. Well, a lot of people don't know how to start a blog. This guide will help you to start with a blog.

Good Decision

I think this is the best & good decision I ever made. 

Do you want to generate a true and passive income or want to generate income on autopilot mode?  So here is a way, Blogging is only the way to generate a passive income. 

After reading this article/post you will start your website/blog today and create a new path for your success in blogging.
how to start a blog in 2022

Creating a blog for your brand is not rocket science. Especially, it is very easy to create a blog for your brand. Only the thing you need is a guide to keep on track.

Why do people start blogging?

People start blogging for a variety of reasons, some of them are as follow

Earn Revenue:- The first and foremost reason why people start blogging i.e. to earn money. In a nutshell, blogging could be more lucrative with time and continued effort. By just posting quality content you can bring more users to your website. This step will definitely increase your revenue. 

Sharing Ideas with the World:- Sometime you have some positive and unique thoughts which can help people to solve their queries.  That's where you can widen your online presence for such kinds of reasons. You can use your creativity and passion to create a space for your audience to share your expertise, thoughts, and even experiences. 

Promote a Product or Services:- Blogging is also a good way to earn money just by promoting someone's product or even your own product or by doing affiliate marketing. Whenever your audience purchases them from your blog. The owner of the product will pay you some commission for that. 

Here are only some essential and effective 8 steps to create your blog with no more mistakes and I will give you some bonus tips to generate a passive income. 

  1. Choose a niche for your blog
  2. Best domain provider
  3. How to get a good web hosting 
  4. Set-up your blog
  5. Choose an eye cache theme for your blog
  6. Important and Essential Plugins for Your Blog
  7. Ready to start writing your first post
  8. Some Other ways to earn.

Choosing a niche for your blog.

Well, Choosing a niche(topic/subject that you like) for newbie bloggers is a crucial point to start with blogging. Most of the newbies say bye-bye to blogging because they are really don't passionate about the blog/website that they have started. 

Don't worry, But it is not only the problem of newbie bloggers. It is somewhat common with famous bloggers.

Still, Confused? Let me tell you is an Indian Pro Blogger. As I know he started blogging in 2012. By that time he was really don't know much about blogging. He has done that for 4-5 years regularly because he was not passionate about the niche with which he was blogging. And now his name is listed with the pro bloggers of India. is also an Indian blogger. His story is almost the same as ShoutmeLoud

Best Niches:-πŸ‘‡
  1. Education Blog.
  2. News Blog.
  3. Tech Blog.
  4. Ecommerce Site.
  5. Lyrics Site.
  6. Music Streaming Site.
  7. Movie Reviews Site.
  8. Food & Recipe Blog.
  9. Fashion Blog.
So many categories of blogging are available on the web. But it is totally based on you which category of blogging you start with. But don't waste your time do it initially as you can.

Best Domain for Your Blog.

Choosing a domain for your blog is not as hard a task. But it is somewhat a little bit of a headache. If you have already chosen the address for your blog then this part is not meant for you or you can skip it.

Now read this portion if you haven't selected your web/domain address or name till now.

When I started blogging I was don't know perfectly how to choose a good & brandable domain for my blog and that's why I waste 3 domains. But don't worry We always learn from our mistakes. 

To avoid mistakes like I have done while choosing a domain. Use these steps.

  • Short &Simple:- Always try to keep your web address/domain name short and simple. Sometimes it gets hard to remember/pronounce the domain name. Domain names with short addresses are easy to remember. i.e. If your domain name is then it could be hard to remember. So, keep away from that.
  • Keyword Friendly:- It is highly recommended to use your targeted/main keyword in your domain name. Forex. If you are going to create an education blog with a mathematics subject so try to more focus on using math keywords in your domain name because it will help you a lot in SEO.
  • Use TLD's:- Here, TLD means Top Level Domains. i.e. .com, .in .uk. .pk. .us, .net so like that TLD's you need to use. 

Want to know your desired domain name is available or not. Go to

Best Web-Hosting for your blog.

The domain name is only an address that creates a path to reach your blog on the internet. But one more thing you need to do with your blog i.e. hosting. 

What is Hosting?

To keep your blog 24*7 available on the web. All you need hosting. Hosting is just like storage for your blog where you can store your files so that anyone accessing your document on the web easily/can access it. Or mean to say it is a computer that lets you store and access your posts /files.

Well, there are so many hosting providers on the web. But I would highly recommend you to choose

Trust me Guys it is one of the best hosting providers in the world. Their services and support oh I love it.

From my side, It would be best for your blog. Interserver's and Bluehost's hosting uptime is much faster than others.

Set-Up Your Blog.

Creating a set-up for your WordPress website with Interserver is not rocket science. All you need to follow these steps:

Go to
Type Interserver into your search bar

Log in with your account using your entered Email-Id and Password. Fill in all the mandatory information with your details. I would like to recommend you to the information that you are filling with that site like your CC no. (Details), Name, Passwords. Keep making a copy of this information on Notepad for future use. 
Logging-in interserver

Choose WordPress.
Click on WordPress to install the hosting. It will take some minutes to migrate/process your website on WordPress.

After that Go to WordPress & click on the Admin panel to access your admin dashboard. Now, you will redirect to your WordPress dashboard after that enter your login details which you choose during the installation, and click on the login button.
                                  learn interserver hosting
After Installing WordPress with hosting. Go to your WordPress Home-Page. Check your website's web address/domain name along with its loading speed to satisfy with Interserver service.

Choose an eye cache theme for your blog

After installing hosting with your WordPress website you need to do one more thing that uses the attention-grabbing theme for your site.

It's ok if you use some of the free themes that are available along with the WordPress website. The main drawback of using them is there may be many chances of spying on your data also they are not much friendly with your blog.
  • Simple & Attention Grabbing:-I would like to highly recommend you install the GeneratePress theme for design or give a beautiful look to your website. It is a very lightweight theme & another one is ElegentTheme. Their services and support are much well. But perhaps you will need help while installing them because these are very easy to manage.  

Important and Essential Plugins for Your Blog.

A WordPress website without plugins is like a TV with no sound. To keep this you need to use some essential plugins to more visitors because these will help you a lot in ranking your website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, but to rank your website with these search engines you need to pay more attention to your website. 

You have to focus on keywords, backlinks, also you have to make your search engine friendly means to say you have optimized your site with the search engine. For that SEO will help your site to rank with them.
  1. Elementor or Thrive Architect
  2. Rank Mathe SEO
  3. WP Rocket
  4. Thrive Leads
  5. Anti-Spam
  6. UpdraftPlus
  7. iThemes Security
  8. Social Snap Pro 

Ready to start writing your first post.

Congrats! Now your blog is ready to use and you are also excited to create your first blog post. Let me help you to create your first post. But first of all, I want to congrats you because you have successfully created (Along with Domain name & Hosting) your blog on WordPress. 

To create the first post you need to go on the Home-page of the WordPress blog and then click on the Write option.

Things to keep in your mind are before publishing your post i.e. do keyword research following your niche. Possibly there are so many keywords following your niche that your site was easy to rank with.

Pro Tip:- Because your blog is new to search engines so try to use long-tail keywords within your post. 

Always try to use your post's title with numbers and strong keywords. Use images within your post because sometimes it becomes easy to understand things from images. Also, optimize your images with post-related keywords. Try to write your posts with more details that make more users interested in your content. 

Some Other ways to earn.

This is a bonus part for you all in which I will share all the handsome ways for you.

Here is the Deal

Advertising:- Advertising is a very common and good way to earn money. To show ads within your website 2 things you need to keep in your mind.
  • Your blog should have more than 5 posts to apply with Google Adsense.
  • You need more than 100+ Pageviews.
You can apply these online ad platforms for showing ads.
Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate marketing is one of the best & effective ways to earn money online. In this, you have to only promote someone's product on your website. If you make a sale of that product then you will get a commission for that product.

Selling your product:- If you are an expert in anything then you don't need to promote it with someone's website. You can promote it on your own blog. When peoples buy it you will earn.

πŸ€”How much does it cost to start a blog?

Well, It is possible to create your own website without spending much money. Below is the estimation of how much it can cost to host a blog using some industry's best-hosting providers. 

  • Hosting:- Any Starter WordPress Hosting Plan is a perfect way to start with blogging. The starting price is $2.99/month. 
  • SSL Certificate:- An SSL Certificate is a piece of code(Encryption Code) that let's know the users that your blog is safe to visit. Every hosting provider offers an SSL certificate along with hosting. But if you want to upgrade your blog with an advanced SSL certificate, which will cost you around $7.49/year.
  • Domain Name:- Your hosting providers offer you a domain name(Free) when you purchase for the first time. To renew your domain name costs you around $10/year.
  • WordPress:- WordPress is an open-source CMS [Content Management Software] which means it is completely free - including downloading and modifying it. 
  • Theme:- Well, there are many free themes are available in the WordPress library you can use them. But I would like to suggest you go and purchase premium themes which will cost you around $59.
  • Plugins:- There are many plugins are available for free. But they have fewer features which is not a good sign. However, you need to upgrade to the premium versions of plugins to gain additional features. But having two premium plugins cost you around $150/year.

So these are the great and effective ways to make a truly passive income.

Let us know, how's you satisfied with this post. 


1. How to start blogging for money
Ans:- Create a website to start with. After creating a website you can earn by promoting the products of the brands.

2. How to get paid for blogging
Ans:- Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money. Even though online ads are also a good way to earn money.

3. How do you get paid for blogging
Ans:- On your blog, if you promote someone's product they will pay you for their product promotion as a commission.

4. Why blogging is important
Ans:- Doing blogging is not only makes money but it is also helping people to find answers to their questions. Nowadays, people around the world use the internet to find their answers and for that web creators (Bloggers) have the responsibility to provide help to them. That's why blogging is important.

5. When did blogging start
Ans:- There is no time-bound that you should start blogging in January or February. You can start it from your own space whenever you want and wherever you want. 

6. How to start blogging in India
Ans:- In India, if want to start blogging then you should have a good domain name provider and hosting as well to do so. If you want to use your website name with .in TLD you can choose it.  

7. How to earn money by blogging in India
Ans:- Well, Blogging is the perfect way to earn money because you don't need to go anywhere.  

8. How to start with blogging
Ans:- It is very simple, Just read the above article

Comment your thoughts. & Care=ShareπŸ’—πŸ’—

Your New Friend From Now πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. 


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